Stormont 4H Sheep and Goat Club

This club is an introduction to Sheep and Goats where we will learn about what different breeds are raised for, Nutrition and careing for the animals. We will visit several farms for sheep to see how they are grown and raised, learn about showing sheep and learn what is required to raise sheep. We will also visit some goat farms to see how dairy and meat goats are raised, learn about special requirements and some of the fun of raising these animals.

Sheep Project

If you have an interest in the lamb or sheep industry, ewe will love the Sheep Project! We’ll cover everything to do with raising and showing healthy sheep.

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Stormont 4-H Association

A dedicated group of volunteers working cooperatively to deliver a multitude of projects/clubs for a wide variety of youth in Stormont County and also to friends of Stormont County.

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March 4 or 18- Lunenburg April 8-street road Cornwall May 13-Maxville June 10-Martintown July 2-Maple Meadows Farms Osgoode. July 15-Avonmore Fairgrounds July 21- Achievement Day - Avonmore Fairgrounds
Youth Participant 9-21
Yvonne Seeley, Lori Barkley, Neil Robinson
Spots Available