Chatham-Kent 4-H Watching Wildlife Club

Observing wildlife in their natural habitat is the truest form of animal/human coexistence and such a rewarding experience. This project will show you where local wildlife live, how they live, what actions affect their habitats and how to design a wildlife improvement project.

  • Observe wildlife and wildlife habitats
  • Go on silent hikes and forest crawls to learn about animal habitats
  • Learn how animals have adapted to their changing landscapes
  • Work on a project that will make your community a better place for wildlife to live

Conservation: Watching Out for Wildlife

How much do you know about your local wildlife? There are probably species nearby you’ve never even seen. We’ll discover all your area has to offer in this project.

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Chatham-Kent 4-H Association

4-H is dedicated to the personal development of youth while providing a positive impact on volunteers and communities in Ontario and in Chatham-Kent.

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Start Date
June 22, 2024
End Date
September 1, 2024
Meeting Time
Meeting Frequency


Region 6
Around Chatham-Kent, local trails, beaches, conservation areas and parks.
Youth Participant 9-21
Tara Gallant, Kody Bodkin
Spots Available