4-H Association Banner Stands

Four banner designs

4-H Ontario is pleased to share that 4-H associations will be able to order branded banner stands for their association at no charge. This is a ONE TIME opportunity for associations to order their own branded banner stands. Each association can order up to two banner stands from a selection that will be branded with their association logo.

One banner will be provided to 4-H associations at no cost. If an association would like a second banner, they can use the 2022 Ontario Mutuals grant funds towards the banner. 

Through Ontario Mutuals funding and projected cost-savings from the elimination of our banner-loaning program, we can offer each association one complimentary banner stand. Associations can use the Ontario Mutuals Grant funds available to them through their grant program for 2022 ($250) toward the cost of a second banner-stand. The cost of one banner is approximately $200.

Orders must be completed by April 30, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. Under no circumstances will orders be accepted after April 30, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. 4-H Ontario will no longer provide a service of lending banners. 4-H associations will be expected to use their own banner stands for any events as they see fit.

What to expect

1. 4-H association completes order form by April 30, 2022.
2. 4-H Ontario customizes banner selection(s) with association’s logo.
3. 4-H Ontario places order for banner(s) with their supplier.
4. Banner(s) will be shipped to each 4-H association in June 2022.

Banner Choices

Each banner will be customized with the 4-H association’s logo.

Order Form