4-H 4-All Committee

The 4-H 4-All Committee will engage youth and volunteers to gain insight and develop a plan related to diversity, equity, and inclusion that 4-H Ontario will implement. The Committee will be made up of 12 youth, alumni and volunteers from the 4-H community, led by 4-H Ontario staff.

Goals and Objectives
  • Provide input to Ontario 4-H Council, 4-H Ontario staff and volunteers on various issues and initiatives concerning diversity, equity and inclusion in our 4-H community.
  • Provide input on the elimination of barriers within 4-H Ontario programs and outreach initiatives.
  • Foster a greater understanding and awareness of diversity, equity and inclusion matters within 4-H Ontario through partnerships with other organizations.
  • Facilitate opportunities and activities to educate and celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Identify practical steps for making changes within 4-H Ontario’s programming and outreach with respect to diversity, equity and inclusion.
Frequency and Location of Meetings 

The Committee will meet monthly through Zoom. One meeting will be led by a guest speaker to help the committee develop an implementation plan based the committee’s research and goals.

The final meeting will be in person at the 2023 Volunteer Conference in March 2023. At this time, the committee will come together to present their findings and recommendations to the attendees of the 4-H Volunteer Conference. 

Thank you to all applicants. Applications for this committee have now closed. Candidates will be notified of their acceptance beginning Monday August 29.