4-H Discovery Boxes Registration – Ages 6-8

4-H Ontario Policy O-M-15 – Code of Conduct
(Updated: December 15, 2019)
Code of Conduct for 4-H in Canada
As a positive youth development organization, we are committed to providing 4-H members with meaningful experiential learning opportunities within an environment that is safe, inclusive and fun for all involved. This is the responsibility of everyone involved in any 4-H activity.

This Code of Conduct applies to:

  • 4-H youth members and their families;
  • 4-H trained leaders and screened volunteers;
    camp counselors and youth leaders; non-screened guests;
  • 4-H staff and governing leadership;
  • 4-H program partners; other participants or observers of 4-H events.

I will:
Represent 4-H and myself in a positive way
Use words, actions, and behaviors that are respectful, non-judgmental, and kind towards all youth, leaders, volunteers, staff, families and participants.

Honour the 4-H Pledge and participate in the spirit of good sportsmanship, respecting rules and guidelines.

Ensure all actions, including social media activity, is positive and reflects the integrity of 4-H.

Act with honesty and integrity when dealing with property, monies and other assets being used for 4-H purposes.

Respect other youth, leader, volunteer and staff’s rights to privacy and the confidentiality of personal information.

Provide appropriate animal care according to industry codes of practice

  • Abide by all Federal and Provincial Laws.
  • Promote a safe, inclusive and fun environment
  • Be vigilant in ensuring an environment that is safe and protects youth, leaders, volunteers and staff from emotional, physical, verbal and sexual abuse.
  • Refrain from using drugs or alcohol during any 4-H youth events.
  • Make all reasonable efforts to ensure equal opportunity and access to participation for all 4-H youth members and abide by the 4-H Canada’s Inclusion Statement.
  • Uphold the 4-H motto “Learn To Do By Doing” in an environment that is friendly and fun.
  • Lead by example
  • Adhere to the policies and procedures of 4-H Canada and Provincial
  • Act as a positive role model.
  • Work collaboratively with all, including 4-H members, families, fellow leaders and
    volunteers, staff and guests.

In addition, trained leaders, screened volunteers and staff will:

  • Fulfill their responsibilities as outlined in the position description, and act within
    the limitations of authority for the position.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of any information regarding 4-H that was obtained as
    part of the position.


While participating in 4-H activities, photos and videos of participants will be taken. These photos are typically used to record memories and promote 4-H. Please indicate below your consent to the use and reproduction by 4-H Ontario (representing the Ontario 4-H Council and Ontario 4-H Foundation) of any and all photographs, video recordings and audio recordings taken of myself or my child for the use on 4-H websites, in print and other media for the purposes of promotion, illustration, advertising or publication and without compensation.

All such photographs, video recordings, audio recordings and all recorded media, prints and created media from the content shall constitute the property of 4-H. In addition, the undersigned hereby consents to authorize the publication of the name of the participant.

Important Reminder: Photos, images and media may appear in electronic form on the Internet or in other publications outside of 4-H Ontario’s control.

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