Dairy Sen$e® Post Survey

Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
I have a strong understanding of production benchmarks (including production records, nutrition, breeding, etc.)
I have strong farm management skills (including emergency planning, etc.)
My financial management skills are exceptional (including understanding a balance sheet, financial terms, etc.)
I have strong business plan development skills (including succession planning, marketing, etc.)
My risk management skills are exceptional (including insurance, workplace safety, finances, etc.)
I respect and treat team members equally even if we disagree or are different
Teamwork means my ideas will be challenged and possibly change
I know how to speak up to propose ideas, disagree or agree with someone
In group work, I do my best because my team members are relying on me.
I have amazing teamwork skills. Everyone says so.
My emotions and actions have an impact on others
When I see something that needs to be done, I do it, mention it, or find people to help
I make decisions with input from others
I learn from mistakes
Sometimes I just have to stick to my values or make a decision
I plan my week so that most of the time, I do what I need to do to achieve all of my commitments and responsibilities
I'm so organized, people come to me for help organizing
I have goals in my life
If I have a goal, I know how to make a plan to reach it
If I have trouble with a goal or plan, I know where to find help
I'm super goal oriented, and always have a plan
I try to understand what someone is saying or feeling before I respond
I summarize what another person said to make sure that I understood
I know how to communicate in different ways so that different people can understand me
I can explain something to a group of people I know
I can explain something to a group or person I don't know
If I talk in public or teach someone, I can organize my ideas so that the people can follow what I am saying
Even if speaking makes me nervous, my information or ideas are worth sharing
I am confident about my public speaking skills - no problem!
I make decisions based on what I believe and think.
When faced with a new situation, I trust my decision-making ability.
When someone asks me a question, I tend to think before answering.
I think about the future impact of my decisions and actions.
This week I was challenged or inspired by difference: I met people who are very different from me, or saw ways of doing things that are different from what I already knew.
Dairy Sen$e Increased my awareness of potential careers in agriculture.
As a result of attending Dairy Sen$e I have more confidence in pursuing a career in agriculture.
Dairy Sen$e provided me with skills and knowledge to advance my career goals.
I have more confidence in my ability to run a farm business after my participation in Dairy Sen$e