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Every youth has the potential to become the next great leader, thinker and innovator provided they have the right tools and encouragement.

Through 4-H’s โ€œLearn To Do By Doingโ€ motto, youth across the province experience both success and opportunities to learn, and most importantly, they become resilient. 4-H is passionate about preparing young people for the future and showing them that with the right skills and attitude, anything is possible.โ€ฏ

4-H staff and volunteers work tirelessly to provide members with enriching opportunities to work together to achieve goals, independently succeed, and understand othersโ€™ strengths, areas for improvement, individual perspectives, and experiences.โ€ฏ

Give A Gift. Make A Difference. Support Future Leaders.

โ€œBe brave, be open, be silly, be yourself, there is no better place for itโ€