Partners and Friends

We partner with like-minded organizations that believe in the power of positive youth development.

Woman Selling Soft Drinks At Farmers Market Stall

4-H Ontario likes to keep good company. We make sure to partner with like-minded non-profits and charities that support positive youth development and community building. Together we:

  • Share resources
  • Build programs
  • Participate in events
  • Build confident and resilient youth!

To find out more about becoming an official partner of 4-H Ontario email communications@4-HOntario.ca

4-H Ontario and Farmers’ Markets Ontario joined forces in 2019 to encourage more youth to get involved in their local markets. Markets are also a great place to host a 4-H club or achievement day. To find out more about Farmers’ Markets Ontario visit their site:


The Co-operative Young Leaders camp is a unique summer camp for ages 13-18. CYL is led by experienced CYL volunteers and educators in the co-operative sector. This camp is part traditional camp experience and part experiential education. The program takes youth out of the classroom environment and lets them lead. All participants will experience a week dedicated to all things co-operative including games and activities while also enjoying camp fires, swimming and connecting with their peers from all over Ontario.

Visit their site for more information https://ontario.coop/co-operative-young-leaders