Lobo 4-H Lifeskills Spring/Summer Hiking Club

Get outdoors, get some exercise, learn some about nature, hike a variety of trails in and around London up to Exeter, possibly out to Oxford County, Parkhill

-birds, trees, insects, butterflies, mammals


Dates of hikes (weather date possibly the Sunday following)

June 22,24 afternoon meadowlilly -highbury/commissioners area 1-3pm rain date Sun. June 23 same time, place ,just not same activity

June 29     time, place to be determined
July 6         morning – near Arkona. Possibly 930-1230
July 27       time, place to be determined
Aug. 3        time, place to be determined

Aug. 24       time, place to be determined

Educational display board week of Aug 26 evening must complete 2/3 of about 12 hours

Some possible hike locations
Exeter – Morrison Dam
Parkhill – Joany’s Woods
Coldstream-coldstream ca
Arkona -mystery falls -this is a longer hike London -springbank, coves, westminster ponds, ross park, gibbons park, University grounds Dorchester -mill pond St. Thomas – Elevated Park

Outdoors: Our Great Outdoors Project

Let’s get local and explore the ecosystems found right in your own backyard, figuratively speaking of course.

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Middlesex 4-H Association

We are a proud group of volunteers dedicated to providing the 4-H program to youth in Middlesex. 

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Region 6
London, & area -see above
Youth Participant 9-21
Lissette Verbeem, Catherine Vanderploeg, possibly Lara Cochrane
Spots Available