AG Careers 4-H Club

In this club members will take an in-depth look at careers in the Ag Sector.

Members will be able to tour established Ag Businesses within Huron County

while investigating the possible careers encompassing Agriculture.

Talk with Human Resources, and look at what it takes to start a career path in Ag.

Members will be completing an Ag career research and Resume as the project for this club.

Achievement will consist of an evening presenting our career research and mock interviews.


This club will consist of 4 three-hour meetings (double 6-hour meeting to start, two business tours) and an Achievement program.

Time frame March-April. This club will be limited to 15 members (ages 13 to 21).  Volunteer Leaders, Holly Holyoake and Sarah Shapton


First 2 Meetings:  (more information to be provided after sign-up)

Monday, March 11th

10:00-12:30 pm Roberts Farm Equipment Walton

1:00-4:30 pm Hensall Co-op, Hensall Location

Sign up by March 5st using this link.




Choosing the right career path can be daunting, but half the battle is knowing what options you have. We’ll explore that and more in this important project.

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Region 5
Huron County
Youth Participant 9-21
Sarah Shapton and Holly Holyoke
Spots Available