BRANT 4-H Community Involvement – Bell Homestead: Mother’s Day Tea

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT –  BELL HOMESTEAD ‘Mother’s Day Tea’ Club      – In-person

Brant 4-H is very fortunate to have the opportunity over the last several years to develop a very successful partnership with the Bell Homestead, National Historic Site for a Community Involvement Club.

The Bell Homestead is also a very important part of Our Heritage in Brant. 

This is your opportunity to get behind the museum ropes and step into a part of Brantford’s History! Members will learn about the history of the Bell Homestead as well as the Bell family. Members will learn to research and think as historical interpreters and develop your public speaking skills. Each member will choose a room to learn the historical facts with the assistance of the Homestead’s Assistant Curator. Members will present ‘their’ room to tour guests during the Mother’s Day Tea, May 12th.

Members will be dressed in period clothing for the tours (provided by the Homestead). We will would like to add some other fun activities should time allow!

Leaders: Lesleigh Elgie  &  Elaine Elgie    Email:  homestead.brant4h@gmail.com

Meeting Dates:  Wednesdays – March 20 & 27, April 10; Tuesdays – April 23, 30, May 7

Meeting Time:  6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Meeting Location: Bell Homestead’s Visitors Centre, 94 Tutela Heights Rd., Brantford

Achievement: Sunday, May 12th tours during/at the Mother’s Day Tea

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Bell Homestead’s Visitors Centre, 94 Tutela Heights Rd., Brantford
Youth Participant 9-21
Elaine Elgie Lesleigh Elgie
Spots Available