Chatham-Kent 4-H Wheels in Motion Mountain Bike Club

The bike club offers great exercise and an awesome way to discover the outside world with your mountain bike wheels in motion!

We’ll teach you how to choose the right bike for you, how to maintain it and help build your confidence so you can enjoy mountain biking safely AND of course we will complete trail rides every meeting around Chatham-Kent.

Wheels in Motion: Mountain Biking Project

There’s nothing like the total freedom that comes with riding trails and going long distances while exploring nature. Welcome to mountain biking!

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Chatham-Kent 4-H Association

4-H is dedicated to the personal development of youth while providing a positive impact on volunteers and communities in Ontario and in Chatham-Kent.

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Region 6
Trails around Chatham-Kent
Youth Participant 9-21
Lynn VanMaanen, Tara Gallant
Spots Available