Grenville Goat Club

We will be running a goat club in Grenville county this year. The goat club will focus on showmanship skills, as well as overall knowledge of goats (specifically dairy goats but also open to meat goats). We plan to cover topics such as nutrition, judging, showmanship, classification, clipping, and overall goat care.

Goat Project

The happy, healthy goat is an extremely popular farm animal. Learn about all they offer and how to take care of them in the Goat Project!

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Grenville 4-H Association

We are proud of our Association and all it has to offer the youth in Grenville County.

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Start Date
April 30, 2024
End Date
September 7, 2024
Meeting Time
1 - 2hrs
Meeting Frequency


Toledo, Ontario
Youth Participant 9-21
Karen Cavanagh & Kassidy Cavanagh
Spots Available