Lanark County Beef Club

Lanark County Beef Club is starting soon

The First meeting will be May 4th, at the Beckwith Township Hall

Please contact:cowgirlmel1000@gmail.com



Beef Project

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Lanark 4-H Association

Lanark County has a variety of clubs ranging from Dairy, Beef and Sheep, to Cooking, baking and knitting. There is normally always a club for everyone. We run early Spring into Winter, we have an awards night each fall. and Most achievements happen at Local fairs throughout the fall.

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Carleton Place, Lanark County, Beckwith Area https://www.canva.com/design/DAFfMoEaFxI/LdTRr24Z2PtYGUvWPe9AbA/edit?utm_content=DAFfMoEaFxI&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link2&utm_source=sharebutton
Youth Participant 9-21
Mary Ellen, and Laurie
Spots Available