Learning how to house, incubate, hatch, raise, care for and show your chickens and ducks!

Own animals preferred but arrangements can be made with your leader please speak to Vivian if you need to borrow a bird.

Poultry Project

Poultry is one of the most important industries in Canadian farming! From turkey burgers to chicken noodle soup, poultry (including eggs) is a staple in many kitchens.

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Norfolk 4-H Association

We are a proud group of volunteers dedicated to providing the 4-H program to youth in Norfolk. 

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Start Date
April 27, 2023
End Date
September 28, 2023
Meeting Time
6 pm
Meeting Frequency
once a month


Region 4
Youth Participant 9-21
Vivian Adam, Christine Docker and Lisa Helder
Spots Available