Wellington 4-H Acrylic Painting Club

Members will need to purchase :

  1. Set of 12 -24 Acrylic Paints  [Michael’s Artist Loft is a good buy and should be enough paint for the project.  Tubes at least 21 ml. Although depending on the size canvasses  more of the basic colours such as white may be required]
  2. Set of Acrylic Paint Brushes in a variety of sizes [Large flat to small round]Dollar Store brushes are fine and so are Artist Loft from Michaels]

3 At least 6-12 Canvasses [either stretched or Flat] 5×7 to 9×12 in size.(you choice)  [Michaels offers these in bulk packs and is usually the best buy]

Additional things you will need will be pencil, paper towels and 2 water containers.

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Youth Participant 9-21
June Switzer, Carol Pollock
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