Wellington 4-H Go For The Gold Club

Join one of the most fun clubs in Wellington! Learn 4-H trivia each week while competing against other club members. Limited to 9-21 year olds.


Members must attend at least 4 of the following meetings and the Wellington competition.  Location to be confirmed (Rockwood or Mimosa).

1.Sunday,  April 14

2. Sunday, April 21

3. Sunday, April 28

4. Sunday, May 5

5. Monday, May 13

6. Sunday, May 19

Wellington Competition – Wednesday, June 5


If you would like to sign up either email Branderlea@gmail.com or sign up on the app  https://www.4happ.ca/clubs by April 12.


Locally Submitted Projects  

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Wellington 4-H Association

4-H is a non-profit positive youth development organization that spans 70 countries across the world and 10 provinces across the country. Wellington 4-H offers a diverse range of clubs each year to help build youth as leaders for our community and assets to the world. Come see what 4-H is all about in Wellington County!

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Rockwood or Mimosa Church (Orton)
Youth Participant 9-21
Debbie Brander, Carol Pollock, Jennifer Pollock, Tayler Black
Spots Available