Huron County 4H Sodbusters

The Huron County Sodbusters Club is a competition plowing focused club held in different locations around Huron County. This club focuses heavily on two furrow competition plowing like what is done at local and international plowing matches. 

We hold 6 meetings usually 1 in June, 1 in July and 4 in August. 3 meetings are held the week of the Huron County Plowing Match. It is important that members be available that week. The match is typically held the third week of August on the Thursday. If you can not be available that day you can make up your achievement day at the Huron County Plowing Match the Friday of that week or at another local plowing match.

Our club focus is mainly on learning and practicing the art of plowing. We try to plow at at least 4 meetings. We also focus heavily on judging. You do not need to own your own tractor and plow we are lucky to have many families who are willing to lend their equipment to members. Often we share tractors and plows between members.

It is important to note that this club relies heavily on parent involvement as it a high risk club. We ask that an adult family member or friend attend meetings where members are plowing to assist the member.

Please feel free to reach out and ask us more about our club. 

Plowing Project

Holy plow! You may think plowing is serious business – and rightly so – but it can also be fun, challenging and satisfying.

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Huron 4-H Association

Love hands-on learning? Learn skills for a lifetime through 4-H in Huron County, Ontario.

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Start Date
June 18, 2024
End Date
August 24, 2024
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Walton and surrounding area.
Youth Participant 9-21
Melissa Veldman Brian McGavin Don Dodds
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