November 3, 2021

4-H Ambassador Beat Blog – Dougie Robinson

Hi everyone! It’s Dougie Robinson here again.  In celebration of Show Your 4-H Colours day I would like to touch on the importance of the leadership skills we learn in 4-H and how they will benefit your future.  Self Confidence...

October 18, 2021

4-H Ambassador Beat Blog – Dougie Robinson

Hi! My name is Dougie Robinson and I’m one of 4-H Ontario’s 2021 4-H Ambassadors.  This month our blog topic is Farming History! These are two of my favorite topics – FARMING & HISTORY combined into one!  I absolutely enjoy everything about farming and digging deeper into its history is even more fun.  I...

August 20, 2021

Ambassador Beat – Marissa Lester (Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture)

Hey everyone! It’s Marissa Lester, one of the 2021 4-H Ontario Ambassadors, here again with another blog post for you. I will be talking about food security and sustainable agriculture. This topic is very important to my family and I,...

July 5, 2021

Ambassador Beat: Marissa Lester (4-H Loyalty Art)

Loyalty to 4-H but make it art! This month’s blog topic is all about the loyalty us members have to 4-H, but with a twist! Why don’t we create a piece of art to place in your home to show...

June 8, 2021


By Christine Oldfield, 4-H Ontario Executive Director The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the word, ‘explore’ is our Online Explore 4-H Project. Staff created this project last year after the government’s emergency order meant that we...